Vision Alert Reflex 1 Bolt 380mm 8 head LED MiniBar

Vision Alert Reflex 1 Bolt 380mm 8 head LED MiniBar


Vision Alert Reflex LED minibars provide a compact yet powerful warning solution that offers the flexibility of either a permanent or vacuum magnet mounting. Featuring 12-24v – DC opertation, the Reflex combines high intensity LEDs and reflector modules to maximise light output. the permanent fixing [1 bolt] offers users the choice of 18 user selectable flash patterns


* Eight LED reflector modules, each comprising 3 LEDs to provide high intensity light output. Current 3.5A
* Compact, low profile minibar
* Polycarbonate base and low profile lens
* Available in clear dome with amber illumination
* SAE J845 Class II, CE, e
* Temperature Range: -22 F to +122 F (-30 C to +50 C)
* Supplied 1 Bolt Fixing
* Warranty: 3 years

Permanent Mount Flash Pattern Options
1. Quad
7. Burst
13. Quint-hold, Diagonal Alternate
2. Double
8. Quad, Alternate Side to Side
14. Fast Rotate
3. Fast Double
9. Quad, Diagonal Alternate
15. Rotate / Quad
4. Slow Quad
10. Double, Alternate Side to Side
16. Wave Rotate
5. Slow Double
11. Double, Diagonal Alternate
17. Random
6. Quint Hold
12. Quint-hold, Alternate Side-to-Side
18. Steady On


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