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Van Ply Lining

Ply lining your van not only protects your cargo but also improves the resale value of your van.

All our lining kits are cut by us at our depot using CNC machinery to produce the highest quality kits possible.

Polypropylene Kits

Polypropylene is a tough plastic sheet which we use in place of plywood when the vans application requires a waterproof interior.

These kits are very hygienic and can be wiped down to look as good a new.

Anti-Slip Floor Kits

Our anti-slip floor kits are manufactured from plywood that has been coated in a tough, non-slip material making the board more durable and longer lasting. It’s also water resistant so it’s easy to clean.

This product is practical for the floor and wheel boxes in a van with either plywood or polyprop sides.

Van Racking

To secure loose items such as tools and hardware supplies within your van, we recommend incorporating van racking or van shelving systems.

We have a variety of different types of van racking, storage systems and van shelving available to suit heavy tool storage or smaller component organisation.

Van Security

We stock a comprehensive range of products to ensure that your vehicle and its contents are safe and secure.

Our physical security products include slam locks, deadlocks, armaplate lock protectors, a range of window grilles/blanks and tool chests of various sizes.

Van Bulkheads

Van bulkheads are a cab/load area partition which is fixed behind the seats to create a secure load area. It is also a useful addition for safety reasons and also helps keep your cab area warm in the winter!

We stock and can make van bulkheads to fit any make or model of van.

Custom Work

We can Custom Build Lining of Any kind to fit your model of vehicle as we manufacture with our own CNC Machines.

We can also provide Custom Racking and storage options be it ply-wood or metal. Call us for help designing your dream van.


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